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Understanding Centers

Center Numbers    *see also Understanding Account Numbers

The General Ledger Accounting System has two types of centers, a low–level center and a summary center.

LowLevel Centers

A low level center is used to accumulate financial data for the University by individual departments or purpose within
specific areas. A low–level center number consists of ten digits, all numeric. The four fields and positions are as follows:

Type of fund
2 & 3
4, 5 & 6
Department Number
7, 8, 9 & 10
"Unique identifier"

Type of Fund

The fund types are predefined for position one as follows:

*1 = Operating (Unrestricted) funds, excluding Hospital

2 = Hospital unrestricted funds

3 = Operating Centers – Self–Balancing (Mainly VMG funds)

4 = Designated (Restricted) funds/ all areas

5 = Loan funds

6 = Endowment funds

7 = Life income funds

8 = Plant funds

9 = Agency funds

* Fund in which unrestricted revenues and expenditures are budgeted in University Central Budget System.


Explanation of Fund Types

Operating (Unrestricted) current funds include all resources received for which no stipulation was made by a donor or other external agency as to the purpose for which the funds should be expended. Current operating funds are intended for general operating purposes (Centers that begin with 1, 2 (Hospital), and 3 ( Self-Balancing and Vanderbilt Medical Group [VMG] mainly) .

Designated (Restricted) current funds are those resources available for financing operations but limited by the donor or other external agencies to specific users, for example, a research project or departmental chair (Centers that begin with 4).

Loan funds are used to account for resources available for loans to students. (Centers that begin with 5) .

Endowment funds are not expendable but are invested or are available for investment for the purpose of producing revenue (Centers that begin with 6).

Life Income funds are composed of funds acquired by an institution on the condition that it pays stipulated amounts periodically or for a lifetime to the donor or other designated person (Centers that begin with 7).

Plant funds are used for four purposes: (1) acquisition of long-lived assets, (2) renewal and replacement of institutional properties, (3) debt service charges and retirement of indebtedness on institutional plant, and (4) the cost of long lived assets (Centers that begin with 8).

Agency funds are held by the institution which acts as a custodian or fiscal agent for students, faculty, staff members, or organizations (Centers that begin with 9).


Summary Centers

A summary center is used to accumulate information of low-level centers at various levels within the system for reporting purposes. Each summary center is identified with a six position alphanumeric name. The three most common types of summary centers are for departments, divisions, and type of fund. Divisional summary centers for the unrestricted fund are as follows:

University Central
Arts & Science ARTSC Executive Administration EXADM
Blair School of Music BLAIR Investments & Treasurer INVTO
Divinity School DIV Graduate Administration GRDAD
School of Engineering ENGR Division of Public Affairs MEDIA
Law School LAW VC General Counsel UNREL
Owen Graduate School of Management OGSM Development & Alumni ALMDV
VU Institute of Public Policies Studies VIPPS Student Services STSVC
University Press UPRS Child Care Center OSTSV
University Research Council URC Information Technology Services CMPCT
TV News Archives TVNEW University Libraries LIBRY
Trans Institutional Initiatives TRANS University Services UNVSV
    Other University Services OUSVC
    Academic Services ACSVC
    Other Academic Services OASVC
    Plant Operations PLTOP

Medical Center Auxiliaries
Division Center Division Center
Hospitals & Clinic (includes Cardiology) HOSP Athletics ATHLT
School of Medicine & VMG MSTOT Dining Services DINES
School of Nursing NS1TOT College Halls COLLH
Medical Center Other MCO Housing HOUSE
Other Auxiliaries OAM Housing – Greek GRKHS
Health Services, Inc. VHS Bookstore BOOKS
Health Plans VHS Sarrat Student Center SARCT
    Student Recreation Center STREC
    Investment/Real Estate IRE
    Rental Property RENTS
    Traffic & Parking TRPKG


The divisions are predefined for positions two and three as follows:

University Central
Division Number
College of Arts and Science 20
School of Engineering 22
Divinity School 23
Law School 24
Owen Graduate School of Management 25
Peabody College 26
Blair School of Music 27
School of Medicine 28
School of Nursing 29
Transinstitutional Initiatives 30
Provost Other Centers 33
The Vanderbilt Institute of Public Policy Studies 34
University Press 35
Research Scholars 36
Diversity 37
TV News Archives 39
Division Number
Executive & Central Offices 40
Office of Investments 41
University Affairs 42
Public Affairs 43
Development & Alumni Relations 44
Finance 45
Dean of Students 46
Child Care Center 47
Academic Affairs Centralized 48
Academic Affairs Provost Initiatives 49
Academic Services 50
Central Scholarships 51
Information Technology 52
VU Libraries 53
University Services 55
Other Auxiliary Services 56
Graduate Administration 58
Plant Operations 60 & 61

Medical Center Auxiliaries
Division Number Division Number
Vanderbilt University Hospital 01 Athletics
Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital 02 Dining Services
Vanderbilt Clinics and VMG Williamson County Division 03 College Halls
School of Medicine 04 Housing
School of Medicine (VMG) 05 Greek Housing
School of Nursing 06 Bookstore
Medical Center Administration 08 Sarrat Student Center
Monroe Carell, Jr. Children´s Hospital and Doctors Office Tower 09 Student Recreation Center
Medical Auxiliaries 11 CLOSED (formerly Computer Store)
Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute 12 Vanderbilt University Real Estate
Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute - Pediatrics 14 Traffic & Parking
Vanderbilt Health Services Inc. Elimination 15    
Vanderbilt Health Services, Inc. 19    

Other Divisions

Division Number
University General - Other 90
Strategic Resources 91
University Bank 92
Academic Venture Capital Fund 93
Investments in Endowment other than Endowed Gifts 94
Fringe Benefit and Clearing 95
Vanderbilt Global Holdings, Inc. 96
Balance Sheet 97
Real Estate Invest Trusts 98
Life Income Memo Centers 99

Department Number

The three–digit department number in positions four, five, and six is based upon the reporting structure and areas within each division.

Unique Identifiers

The last four positions, seven, eight, nine and ten, are used to further identify the purpose of individual centers.

The Operating (Unrestricted) fund (1), Hospital fund (2), and the Agency fund (9) have limited use of the unique identifier.
The majority of the low–level centers in these funds end with four (4) zeros.

The Operating Self–Balancing fund (3) uses the unique identifier to identify center type and for VMG Centers, individual doctors.

The Designated (Restricted) fund (4) uses the unique identifier to identify source of funding and collection method.

The Loan fund (5) uses the unique identifier to identify the type of loan.

The Endowment fund (6) and Life Income fund (7) use the unique identifier to identify the type of endowment or income.

The Plant fund (8) uses the unique identifier to identify the specific type of plant fund.