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Functional Depts

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1180's/inter-departmental charges/requisitions Rita Majors 322-1805
Accounts - create University Finance 343-6601
Agency fund (University central) Ryan Peters 343-6616
Annual Financial Report Kristin Koval 875-8894
Bank Account Information Trey Beasley 343-1870
Capital Equipment Requisitions
(University central)
Gary Culpepper 343-6638
Chart of accounts activations University Finance 343-6601
Check requests checks clearing bank(University central) Disbursement Services 322-2911
Check requests- demand
checks (University central)
Disbursement Services 322-2911
Concerns or questions related to a student's account Student Accounting Office 322-6693
Construction/plant fund accounting Gilbert Martin 343-6633
Create centers
(University central)
University Finance 343-6601
Credit applications Disbursement Services  322-2911
Directions on working
with monthly reports--
Administrative Processes
University Finance 343-6601
Encumbrances (purchase orders) Procurement Services 875-1511
Endowment Fund Ben Franklin 343-4865
Equipment inventory Gary Culpepper 343-6638
External financial surveys Dalana Robertson 322-5179
Federal tax I.D. number Wes Cothron 343-6640
Financial System Web Application Support VUMC Help Desk 3-4357 on campus or 343-4357 off campus
Financial Systems & Accounting Training Mark Williams 875-8871
Flexible Reimbursement Account(FRA) checks (stop payment and re-issue) Benefits Office Carole Terrell 322-8330
General Accounts Receivable (GAR) statements from VU GAR 875-8893
General ledger - miscellaneous receivables Ryan Peters 343-6616
General ledger Accounting System Inquiries University Finance 343-6601
Grants - indirect cost questions Contracts & Grants 343-6655
Grants -restricted funds Contracts & Grants 343-6655
Invoice payments - check stop payment information Disbursement Services 322-2911
Invoice payments - checks clearing bank Disbursement Services 322-2911
Journal entries University Finance 343-6601
Microfiche- accounting report University Finance 343-6601
Monthly Accounting Reports University Finance 343-6601
Payroll questions Payroll office 343-6606
Personal Spending Account (PSA) questions HR Customer Service 343-8330
Plant fund Gilbert Martin 343-6633
Research Scholar Support
(Formerly University Research Centers-URC's)
Office of Contract & Grant Accounting 343-6655
Sales & amusement tax information Roxanne Koepke 343-6619
Sales tax exempt forms on Tennessee and other states Wes Cothron 343-6640
Signature authorization forms for check requests
(University central)
Disbursement Services 322-2911
Stipend Payments (University central) Tiffany Gregory 322-1055
Stop payment on demand checks Disbursement Services 322-2911
Student account questions Student Accounts Office 322-6693
Student loans Student Loan Office 343-7011
Student organization accounting questions Lauren Kysar 343-8021
Tax Form 1099 /
non-employee compensation
Disbursement Services 322-2911
Third party billing & and scholarship tuition Student Accounts Office 322-6693
Time sheet questions Payroll office 343-6606
Travel-expense reports, hotel deposits, registration fees, advances (University central) Disbursement Services 322-2911
Tuition benefits for faculty, staff, and dependent children HR Payroll/Tuition Benefit
Tuition payment &
student insurance
Student Accounts Office 322-6693
Upload Journal Entries University Finance 343-6601
W-2 form / Income for tax return Payroll office 343-6606


Vanderbilt University Finance
PMB 406310
2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37240-6310
Phone: 343-6601