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Report of Transactions (MD091)

The MD091 - Report of Transactions, is a detailed listing of all transactions that occurred during a month for an individual center. The transactions are listed by account number and only those account numbers that had activity during the month are reported. The report is produced and distributed monthly for all centers that had activity during the reporting period.

The numbered explanations refer to the numbered areas on the Sample MD091 Report that follows.

  1. The MONTH for which the report is produced
  2. The CENTER NUMBER and CENTER NAME for which the transactions are being reported.
  3. The RESPONSIBLE PERSON and address to whom the report is sent. Please see "Reviewing the MD091" for further details.
  4. The ACCOUNT NUMBER for which the transactions are being reported.
  5. The TRANSACTION DESCRIPTION briefly describes the transactions and includes a system generated identification. The description is usually an individual name, a vendor, or a short phrase describing the transaction.
  6. The EXPANDED TRANSACTION DESCRIPTION contains more information concerning the transaction. Each journal source may contain different information in this field.
  7. The EFFECTIVE DATE is the date the entry will be included in the General Ledger System.
  8. The JOURNAL SOURCE is the name of the preparer creating the transaction or the name of the sub-system feeding the transaction into the General Ledger System.
  9. The JOURNAL ENTRY NUMBER (J/E NO.) is a five-position alphanumeric which identifies the source of a specific transaction.  Click here for the Journal Entry Identifer Contact Listing.
  10. The TRANSACTION AMOUNT is the amount of the specific transaction.
  11. The D/C indicates whether the transaction is a Debit or Credit. If the transaction is a credit, the transaction amount will be followed with a negative sign (-).
  12. The BEGIN/END BALANCE CURRENT PERIOD displays the balance of the account at the beginning of the month and the balance at end of the month after the net transactions shown in the TRANSACTION AMOUNT column are added to the account balance.
  13. The FINAL AMOUNT in the column TRANSACTION AMOUNT is the net total activity for the center for the reporting period.
  14. The FINAL AMOUNT in the column BEGIN/END BALANCE CURRENT PERIOD is the summation of the balance at the end of the month of only the accounts currently listed on the report. It is NOT the center balance as of the report date.