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Reviewing the MD091

Report Review

The accuracy of the transaction in each center is the responsibility of the person listed as "responsible person,"(and the department head) who is receiving the MDO91. Reviewing this report ensures that each accounting transaction is recorded to the proper account and center.

Review Procedures

Many departments have found it helpful to place a check beside each transaction as the report is reviewed. For example, the departmental copy of the Requisition From Stock and Other Internal Charges(1180 Form) should be compared to the transaction listing; a check mark on the report could then designate a properly recorded "requisition." Similarly, Accounts Payable transactions should be verified by comparing the purchase order, invoice and receiving documentation to the report. Transactions for check requests and journal entries should also be reviewed on a monthly basis. The appropriate office should be contacted as soon as possible if a transaction is missing or has been improperly entered.

Documentation of Report Review

We suggest that the Monthly Report of Transactions be signed and dated by the person responsible for reviewing its accuracy. This suggestion may not however, be feasible for department heads or managers responsible for a large volume of activity or several centers. In these instances we suggest a brief memo to your financial files documenting your transaction review policy and procedures. The department head or manager is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the report; however, the responsible person may delegate the detail transaction review to an administrative employee.