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Our services focus on enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholder. We offer a wide range of consulting services including financial data analysis, business process improvement, organizational change management, business system assessments, and project management.


 Financial Analysis

Financial AnalysisOur financial analysis capabilities support Vanderbilt leaders' decision making and deliver improved outcomes across the enterprise. Using data mining tools and other data gathering techniques, we assist Vanderbilt departments in analyzing raw financial data for the purpose of maximizing their department's performance and achieving their vision. Examples include analyzing financial data to identify historical revenue and spending patterns as the basis for improving business operations and budget forecasting.


Process Improvement

Process ImprovementOur process improvement capabilities involve reengineering business processes to become more efficient, effective, and transparent. Continuous process improvement is important because processes naturally degrade over time and technological innovations enable fundamental process changes with potential for massive gains in efficiency. Whether fine-tuning existing procedures or radically transforming existing processes, our services will bring a structured problem solving methodology to the management of business process improvements.


Change Management

ChangeOur change management capabilities employ a proactive approach to dealing with all aspects of change. Our structured methodology requires a clear definition of the objectives of any change initiative. Key aspects of our approach include a readiness assessment, risk management plan and stakeholder engagement plan. The readiness assessment determines the organization's commitment to and readiness for change. Our risk management approach identifies, analyzes and manages risks throughout the lifecycle of the engagement.


Project Management

FrameworkOur project management capabilities leverage a scalable framework based on PMBOK standards that guide project teams through the various phases of a project lifecycle. The objective of the framework is to provide a consistent approach to completing projects, define standard project activities and deliverables for each phase, allow for flexibility to align with Vanderbilt's environment, provide a common lexicon for discussing project work, and increase the chances of project success. This Project Management Framework brings consistency and predictability to the project management process.


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