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Business Objects

Business Objects (BO) is a query, reporting and analysis tool that allows users to analyze information found in a variety of corporate databases, called universes. With over 80 different Business Objects universes throughout Vanderbilt, each with its own universe manager, it is important to know which one you need to access. For a listing of the most widely-used BO universes, please see the Vanderbilt Business Objects website.

Access:  Access to Business Objects is granted to users by universe.  To request access, please download and complete the Business Objects Access Request Form, then forward it to the contact for the requested universe that is listed on the reverse side of the form.


Business Objects Training

General Ledger Universe

The General Ledger (GL) Universe is used to generate reports based on GL information.  An online training class is available for BI launch pad General Ledger reporting. 

Registration:  Click the registration button to go to the Learning Exchange, enter "BI launch pad" in the Find a Course search box, and then enroll in:

  • BI launch pad General Ledger (GL) Reports—Online

General Ledger Universe Resources


BI launch pad General Ledger (GL) Reports training provides an introduction to navigation in BI launch pad to run General Ledger (GL) reports.  Advanced features and report inventories are also included in this class.  After completing this class, participants will be prepared to:

  • Navigate the BI launch pad reporting tool;
  • Generate General Ledger reports; and
  • Use advanced BI launch pad features to customize standard report data.

Audience: This class is recommended for all Vanderbilt staff with access to the General Ledger universe who would like additional information about using the BI launch pad tool to access GL reports and related data.  This course is available to both University Central and Medical Center employees - please select the applicable course through the Learning Exchange. 

Prerequisites: None


Other BI launch pad Universes

Information and training on the following other BI launch pad Universes is included in the Financial Foundations series. Click the links below to access Reports Guides for these universes:

Click here to access the Financial Foundations curriculum page for additional details on the available training courses that include these universes.