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Narrative Chart of Accounts

The Narrative Chart of Accounts (NCOA) is a tool that allows users to conduct two types of searches for accounting information:

  • A keyword search to identify the appropriate account number for expenses, income, assets and liabilities. (E.g., What account number do I user for the office supplies I purchased?)
  • An account number search to define the appropriate user for a specific account number. (E.g., What does account number 60200 represent on my MD091 Report of Transactions?)


NCOA Training

Training for the NCOA is included in  Financial Foundations I: Introduction to Financial Systems and Privilege Management .

Registration:  Click the registration button to go to the Learning Exchange, enter "Financial Foundations" in the Find a Course search box, and then enroll in Financial Foundations for University Central Staff.

Click  here  to access the  Financial Foundations  curriculum page for additional details on the available training courses in this series.