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Payroll and benefits data is accessible online in BI launch pad in the Labor Data universe. While BI launch pad is now the primary reporting tool for payroll data, users may continue to view and/or download data using the legacy web application, Waldo (Web Access to Labor Data Online).  

Access:  Access to view Labor Data in BI launch pad requires the following:

  • Access to the Labor Data universe in BI launch pad.  To request access, please download and complete the Business Objects Access Request Form, then forward it to the contact for the Labor Data universe as listed on the reverse side of the form.  
  • A Waldo privilege (for example, Waldo Viewer) granted through Privilege Management.  Additional information is available on the Privilege Management application page.


Waldo Training

Training for using the Labor Data universe in BI launch pad and Waldo reporting is provided in Financial Foundations-eDog: Labor Reconciliation with Waldo.

Registration: Click the registration button to go to the Learning Exchange, enter "Financial Foundations" in the Find a Course search box, and then enroll in Financial Foundations for University Central Staff.  

Please note that this course is part of a series that must be taken in order.  Click here to access the Financial Foundations curriculum page for additional details on the available training courses in this series.


Additional Resources