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Privilege Mgmt. for Non-Administrators

Course Description: Privilege Management (PM) for Non-Administrators:

This online computer-based training (CBT) is designed for both University Central and VUMC employees need to view their or others' privileges, such as Signature Authorization, for centers. This training is NOT intended for employees who administer access to these applications. In this online training, users will learn how to use PM to view their or others' permissions in any of the applications regulated by PM.

Delivery Format: Computer-based training

After training, students will be able to:

  • Define terms used to describe PM's structure.
  • Log into and navigate in PM.
  • Look up their assigned privileges in PM.
  • Interpret their assigned privileges and apply the information to their job duties.
  • Look up others' privileges, such as Signature Authorization for their centers

University and VUMC employees who have at least one active privilege in Privilege Management. (If you're not sure if you have at least one active privilege in Privilege Management, try logging into the application at If you can log in without an error message, you have proper access.)

Prerequisites Required:

  • A valid VUnet ID.

Approximately 20 minutes.


Accessing the CBT:
Click the link to Module 1 below to begin PM training.

Module 1: Privilege Management for Non-Administrators