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Check Request - Status

Steps: Running the Check Request Payment Status Report in Business Objects

  1. Log into BI Launch Pad at  or  .
  2. Click the Documents Tab (If not already selected).
  3. Click to expand the Categories pane along the left-side navigation.
  4. Click  to expand Corporate Categories and then click to expand the APPO Category.
  5. Click to expand the Payment Services Category.

  6. Double click the Demand Check Payment Status report title in the pane on the right.
  7. Click the "Question Mark" in the far-left navigation to see the User Prompt Input
  8. In the prompt window, enter the check reference number, found in the upper right hand corner of the Check Request form. This number must be preceded by the appropriate capitalized prefix. *Note that the full list of prefixes and instructions for running this report are included on the main screen next to the prompts window.* -Do not change the field for Business Unit, which contains VANDY.
  9. Click the Run button to generate the report.

    BI Image

    The report’s instructions screen will continue to show when the report is generated, so your screen won’t change. YOU MUST CLICK EITHER THE PAYMENT INFO OR CHECK CLEARED DATA TAB at the bottom of the screen to see report information.
  10. Payment Info Tab  - this tab, located to the immediate right of the Instructions tab at the bottom of the screen, shows the voucher number generated by Disbursement Services when it processed the Check Request form. The  Pmt Hold  column shows whether or not the payment is on hold, and the  Schedule to Pay  column shows when the demand check was or will be issued.
  11. Check Cleared Data  - this tab shows whether the check has been paid and when it cleared the bank. As noted on this report, The Check Cleared Date is updated once a month, normally during the first 10 days of the month.Check with the appropriate central accounting office if you need more details on when the check cleared the bank before the report updates.
  12. Check Address Data  - shows to where the demand check was mailed, if applicable.