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PO Invoices FAQ

  1. What does the Journal ID "APE" mean on my monthly General Ledger MD091 report?
    The term "APE" (Accounts Payable Exception) refers to an invoice that is currently in an exception status. When reviewing your MD091 for expenses, an invoice with the journal ID of APE means there is a problem and the invoice will not be paid until the exception has been resolved. Please call the appropriate Buyer in Purchasing Services to resolve the problem. Immediate resolution will result in the supplier being paid in a timely manner. Purchasing Services Contact List
  2. Can you release an invoice if it is in an exception status?
    No. The purchase order may need to be changed to clear the exception. Contact the appropriate Purchasing Agent in Purchasing Services. Purchasing Services Contact List
  3. Can you hold or stop payment on a check?
    Yes. An invoice can be placed on hold prior to payment at the department's request. Contact Disbursement Services 322-2911 for assistance. 
    A stop payment can be issued on a check once the payment is made, assuming the payment has not cleared the bank. Use the request void check/stop payment link on the PDS homepage to request a stop payment. Include the payee name, amount, check date and check number. You should receive a confirmation e-mail once the stop payment has been placed.
  4. Encumbrances-- Why is it still open and how can I clear it? 
    An encumbrance will remain open until the purchase order is closed. Any amount of money remaining on a purchase order will keep the purchase order from closing. To close a purchase order, submit a request detailing the PO# to close to Purchasing Services via this direct email link: