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Undergraduate Stipends

Only undergraduate stipends only are processed on stipend request form 60-002-551.  This is a pink carbon copy form available for order via eProcurement from Standard register.  This form is for payment of non-service scholarship or fellowship payments to undergraduate students.

Once this form is completed and approved it should be forwarded to the Disbursement Office for processing.  The stipend award letter should be attached to each form in support of the stipend payment.  Undergraduate stipend checks are released on the 10th of each month and are picked up and distributed by the requesting department representative to the appropriate students.  Undergraduate stipends are not mailed.

Service-free stipends payable to Graduate/Professional Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows is requested using the online stipend request form and is processed through payroll.

Payments for which services must be rendered (such as a teaching assistant) are compensation. These types of payments are requested using a Personnel Action Form (PAF) and routed through the normal payroll request process. For more information on Graduate/Professional Students and Post-Doctoral Fellow stipends and related forms go to: