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Vanderbilt University Purchasing Services - General Contact Information:

Supplier Diversity Program —  or 615-936-7894

To request a copy of PO documentation:

For all general Purchasing Services questions:

Mailing Address:

Purchasing and Payment Services
Vanderbilt University 
PMB 401810 
Nashville, TN 37240-1810

Delivery Address:

Purchasing and Payment Services
110 21st Avenue South
Suite 900
Nashville, TN 37203





Dyer, Levi Facilities Purchasing Agent 615-875-8182 Maintenance & Repair Svcs, Construction/Renovation Projects, Trash Svcs, MRO Commodities, Utilities
Ferreira, Marta Information Technology Purchasing Agent 615-875-8880 IT Hardware, Software, IT Consulting Services, Telecom, Copiers / CampusPrint program, Art, Music Theatre, Florists, Subscriptions & Books Security Services & Equipment, Postage Equipment
Garner, Kenneth Administrative Assistant 615-875-1685 Vanderbilt vehicle licenses, renewals & emissions testing
Gilpin, Pam Furniture Purchasing Agent 615-322-6016 Furniture, Interior Design Services, Flooring, Lab Furniture, Appliances, Photo/Video/Audio Equip
Goodman, Andrew Research Sourcing Officer 615-322-2332 Strategic sourcing and contract management for research labs, SOM and Basic Sciences
Grayson, Tony Senior Director, Purchasing and Payment Services 615-343-3429 Management of Purchasing and Payment Services
Moore, David Professional Services Purchasing Agent 615-322-6557 Gases, Logistics, Moving Services, Couriers, Customs Brokers, Printing, Transportation, Vehicle Fleet Program, Fuel, Promotional Products, Uniforms
Nicholas, Chuck Director, Purchasing & Sourcing 615-322-2917 Management of Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing
O'Brien, Tracy Research Purchasing Agent 615-322-1798 Research Lab supplies, Fisher/VWR, Chemicals, Research Capital Equipment and Service Agreements, Animal Supplies
Otts, Bridget General Services Purchasing Agent 615-875-8099 Catering, Events, Food & Beverage Products, Athletics, Office Supplies, Office Equipment, Subscriptions, Copier Paper, Travel
Peabody, Bob Professional Services Sourcing Officer 615-322-2754 Program management for: Professional Services, Transportation, Logistics, Special Projects
TBD Professional Services Purchasing Agent 615-322-2911 Professional & Consulting, Publishing, Human Resources, Temporary Labor, Legal, Photo &Video Production, Performing Artists & Speakers, Public Relations, Universities & Colleges, Advertising & Media, Marketing & Graphic Design, Govt agencies
Robinson, Maggie IT/General Sourcing Officer 615-936-7894 Program management for: Information Technology, CampusPrint (copiers), Athletics, General Supplies and Services, Office Supplies & Equip, Library services, Travel
Smith, Kim Computer Systems Analyst 615-322-1268 Systems Management & Support
TBD Facilities/Construction Sourcing Officer 615-322-2911 Program management for: Construction/Renovation projects, MRO commodities, Trash & Hazmat Disposal Svcs, Audio / Video, Furniture, Real Estate, Utilities