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Once you've chosen the product/service and the supplier you need, refer to the Gold Guide for the recommended best method to BUY what you need. For more information on each of the buying methods, see the menu below.

Recommended methods for Buying

For your most common purchases:

eProcurement Requisition


  • All requisitions are processed using eProcurement
  • No dollar or commodity limits
  • The standard method for ordering all goods and services

One Card

  • Retail & internet suppliers not in eProcurement
  • Low $$ purchases



For your specialty purchases:

  • 1180s - use for internal Vanderbilt purchases or cross-charges. For more information on how to purchase from a particular department at Vanderbilt, contact that department.
  • Check Request - For employee reimbursement and specially designated purchases as determined by Payment Services.

Forms / Documents (related to the BUY stage)

Who can sign my form or approve my purchase? Learn how to look up Signature Authority (SigAuth) Information.

Not sure who can answer your questions? For a complete list of Purchasing Services & Payment Services contacts and area of specialties click here