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Reports allow you to track your purchases and payments for proper internal controls over your transactions. Reports also provide you with quick access to your POs, supplier invoices, and payment information as well as answers to common questions like, "have we been invoiced for this purchase, and if so, has the invoice been paid?"

The reports you access depend on the type of purchase you made. Use the table below to find recommended reports to help you track your purchases and payments. To see which reports can help you based on common work scenarios, refer to the Purchasing Services Reports guide . For a complete list of reports available in InfoView AP/PO, click here.

If your purchase type is... ...then your payment request type is Payment Options Recommended Reports
1180 Requisition Form for Internal Charges submitted to the Office of Financial Affairs Transfer of charge from one center to another on the GL via journal entry eDog:
MD091 Report of Transactions
Demand Check-Check Request Check Request form Check, EFT, wire transfer APPO Reports:
Demand Check Payment Status
Demand Check-Travel Advance or Reimbursement Travel forms Check, wire transfer APPO Reports:
Demand Check Payment Status
Demand Check-Stipend Stipend form Check APPO Reports:
Demand Check Payment Status
eProcurement PO- Invoice - Voucher process Check, EFT, wire transfer APPO Reports:
PO Detail (single or multiple)- to check PO information;
Invoice Payment Status- to see if an invoice has been paid or when it's scheduled to pay;
Invoice Detail (single or multiple DIR)- to check the Invoice information
PCard Credit card payment Credit card payment Access Online Reports

1099 Tax Reporting
Vanderbilt must report certain types of payments for services, rents, etc. to the IRS annually via Forms 1099 and 1096. Vanderbilt must also report this information to the recipients of the payments by sending a Form 1099 which includes the total of all applicable payments for the preceding calendar year. These forms are mailed out by January 31 each year. For more information...
  • Click here to see what types of payments Payment Services must report to the IRS.
  • Click here if you or a supplier has questions about reporting to the IRS by Payment Services.

Who can sign my form or approve my purchase?

Click here to learn how to look up Signature Authority (SigAuth) Information.

APPO Reports
Answer your most common purchasing, payment and demand check questions. The intent of the reports is to consolidate and streamline your purchase-to-payment tracking and reporting.

The tool used to publish these reports is called InfoView, which is made by Business Objects. Note that you do NOT need Business Objects training to run the APPO Reports.

To access the Purchasing Services Reports, you will need
1) BO – APPO Universe access* AND
2) at least one of the following privileges:


  • eDog Transaction Approver
  • eDog Viewer
  • eProcurement Approver
  • eProcurement Reviewer
  • eProcurement Viewer
  • Capital Req Approver
  • Check Req Approver
  • Stipend Req Approver


*Note: you only need access to the Business Objects APPO universe; you do NOT need Business Objects training to run these reports.

How to Find the Reports
  1. Navigate to the BI Launch Pad login:
  2. You will be automatically logged in via your computer sign-onUnder Corporate Categories, expand APPO, and then click the logical category for the type of report you want to view (Purchase Order and Payment Services are the most common categories). The list of available reports will be listed.
How to Run a Report
  1. Click the report name. You will be prompted to enter your criteria.
  2. Enter your criteria, and click Run Query. The report will be displayed in your browser window.
  3. For reports with optional prompts, note that you MUST enter criteria into at least one prompt before running the report.
Your options for report training include:

Live Training

Financial Foundations- Your departmental financial responsibilities and APPO Reports are covered in the Financial Foundations II and III classes respectively. Click here to log into The Learning Exchange and view all Financial Foundations training opportunities.


  • Log into the Learning Exchange with your VUnet ID and ePassword.
  • In the upper left corner of the home page, type financial foundations in the keyword text box and click the Search button.
  • Classroom trainings are identified as learning events in The Learning Exchange. Begin with Financial Foundations I for University or Medical Center Staff, depending on the area in which you work.
  • Click the plus sign next to Show Learning Events to see all dates and times available for registration.
  • Click a date/time listed to see more information about that particular class.
  • To register for a class, click the Register button next to a date/time listing or at the bottom of the details page for a selected date/time.

Online Training

Other report training resources are posted at