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Purchasing, Payment, and Demand Check

APPO Reports

Purchasing and Payment Services () offers you reports that answer your most common purchasing, payment and demand check questions. The intent of the reports is to consolidate and streamline your purchasingservices and paymentservices tracking and reporting.

For a list of reports, please click here.
For tips on making the most of your InfoView settings, please click here.


To access the Purchasing Services Reports, you will need

  1. BO – APPO Universe access* AND
  2.  At least one of the following privileges:
  • eDog Transaction Approver
  • eDog Viewer
  • eProcurement Executor
  • eProcurement Reviewer
  • eProcurement Viewer
  • Capital Req Approver
  • Check Req Approver
  • Check Travel Adv/Exp Approver
  • Purchase Req Approver
  • Small PO Approver
  • Stipend Req Approver
  • Click here to obtain BO-APPO Universe access
  • Click here to request eDog privileges
  • Click here to request eProcurement privileges
  • Click here to request Signature Authorization privileges

*Note: you only need access to the Business Objects APPO universe; you do NOT need Business Objects training to run these reports.

How to Find the Reports

  1. Navigate to the BI Launchpad login:
  2. Set Authentication Type to Windows AD, enter your VUnet ID and e-password, and click Log-On.
  3. On the Documents tab, select Categories, and open Corporate Categories, APPO.
  4. Select the Category of the data type you need. The list of available reports will be listed.

How to Run a Report

  1. Double click on the report name. You will be prompted to enter your criteria.
  2. Enter your criteria, and click Run Query. The report will be displayed in your browser window.
  3. For information on saving reports and exporting data, see the training below.


Your options for report training include:


Online Training