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Privilege Management Reports (SigAuth)

The Purchasing and Payment Services () department uses a database that contains users´ privileges to many Vanderbilt applications. You can generate these reports to determine who has signature authorization ("SigAuth") for a particular center as well as to view audit trail information about when users were set up with privileges on certain applications.

  • For a Desk Reference document you can print and use as a reporting aid, click here.
  • For tips on making the most of your InfoView settings, please click here.


Access to the Purchasing Services Reports is given through the BO Security Access Request form on the Forms Locator:

How to Find the Reports

  1. Navigate to the InfoView login: Business Objects InfoView XI Login
  2. Login using your VUnet ID and e-password
  3. Click the Privilege Management folder and then Prod Reports. Click the SigAuth folder for SigAuth reports, or click the Audit Trails folder for Audit Trail reports. The list of available reports will be listed once you choose one of these folders.

How to Run a Report

  1. Click on the report name. You will be prompted to enter your criteria.
  2. Enter your criteria, and click Run Query. The report will be displayed in your browser window.
  • If you want to save a report, click here to learn about your options for doing so.


Infoview Training

This training will teach you about the InfoView reporting tool in general. Vanderbilt publishes many reports through this application, so depending on your privileges, you might be able to run reports outside of the Privilege Management scope. This training will explain what user options you have in InfoView, regardless of what specific reports you generate.

InfoView Basics

(Note that you do NOT need Business Objects training to run these reports.)