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Student Activity and Recreation Fee

Student Recreation Center Student Recreation Center

All graduate and professional students who are registered are assessed activity & recreation fees. Mandatory fees are set by the Vanderbilt Board of Trust are billed through the Office of Student Accounts. Activity and Recreation fees are mandatory fees that are a part of registration.

All graduate and professional students must pay an activity fee and a recreation fee each semester (fees appear as a combined charge on university statements - Act/Rec Fees).

Upon presentation of the ID card, the recreation fee entitles each graduate and professional student to "half use" of the Student Recreation Center, subject to space available, posted hours and special requirements announced by the Office of Campus Recreation. "Half Use" means that a graduate or professional student may use the facility for half the semester days available to an undergraduate without an extra charge. A graduate or professional student may enter the building as many times a day as he/she chooses. Unlimited use of all the facilities at the Student Recreation Center may be purchased at an additional cost each semester. Information and payment for unlimited use may be obtained and paid at the Student Recreation Center's front desk.

Activity fees for graduate or professional students entitle degree-seeking students admission to all programs sponsored by the Office of Dean of Students at special student rates, and use of the Sarratt facilities, plus admission to certain social and cultural events funded by student activity fees, and subscriptions to certain campus publications. The activities fee also includes funding for activities sponsored by the Graduate Student Council. Specific information on these fees is published annually in the Student Handbook. Admission is subject to space available and to programs sponsored by student organizations that are funded by student activity fees, a complete list of which is maintained by the Office of Dean of Students.

Waivers are granted to part-time students enrolled for four or fewer credit hours (including audit credit) and to students residing outside a circle of approximately sixty miles from the Vanderbilt campus as determined by zip codes. Graduate students carrying thesis or dissertation hours are considered full-time students and are therefore not eligible for waivers of fees based on part-time status. Graduate and professional students living outside the approximately 60 miles radius of Vanderbilt who want to obtain a waiver for distance, must petition the Student Fees Waiver Committee in writing to receive consideration for a waiver of these fees. Each request will be reviewed by the Student Fees Waiver Committee, and petitioners must apply each semester. It is the University's policy that there are NO waivers of the summer activity and recreation fees.

All students eligible for a waiver of student fees must petition for a waiver by August 20th for the fall semester and January 5 for the spring semester. A late charge of $10 will be assessed to eligible students who apply after this deadline. No waivers will be granted if forms are received after the last day of classes in a semester. No waivers will be granted for prior semesters. No waivers will be granted to part-time or full-time staff who have access to other facilities - unless they meet the criteria for a waiver. For questions or clarifications of these fees, please call the Office of Recreation Administration at (615) 322-3963 a waiver request form may be obtained by emailing