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2013-2014 Undergrad Charges

Summer Session Financial Information

Matriculation Fee ($400) will be credited on the August 1st student account statement of charges.


Fall 2013

Due 8/14/13

Spring 2014  

Due 1/2/14

 Year Total

 Tuition (12-18 hours) or $1,747 per credit hour for less than 12 hours $20,964 $20,964 $41,928
New Student Transcript Fee $30 $0 $30
Housing $4,604 $4,604 $9,208
Activity & Recreation Fees $525 $525 $1,050
First-Year Meal Plan 1 $2,445 $2,445 $4,890
Second-Year Meal Plan 1 $2,160 $2,160 $4,320
Third-Year Meal Plan 1 $1,455 $1,455 $2,910
First-Year Program/Events Fee2 $345 $345 $690
Engineering Lab Equipment Fee (all Eng. Students) $325 $325 $650
Health Insurance 3 $1,381 $0 $1,381
Optional-Commodore Cash/Debit Spending Account 4 $750 $750 $1,500
  to $1,000 to $1,000 to $2,000

If applicable, you should deduct the following from your total due: Scholarships, VU Loans, Stafford Loans and PLUS Loans (less lender origination and guarantee fees), grants, and other financial aid such as outside scholarships. Do not deduct work-study payments as these payments will be paid directly to the student as it is earned.

  1. First-year students residing in The Commons are required to participate in the First-Year Meal Plan at a cost of $2,445 per semester. Second-year students residing on campus are required to participate in the Second-Year Meal Plan at a cost of $2,160 per semester. Third-year students residing on campus are required to participate in the Third-Year Meal Plan at a cost of $1,455 per semester. Participation by fourth-year students for the 2013-2014 year is optional. The cost of the VU Meal Plan will vary depending upon the selection you make during the VU Meal Plan selection process. Selections will be charged to your student account. The total average cost for all meals during the academic year is estimated above. For more information regarding VU Meal Plan options visit:
  2. The First Year Program and Events Fee is a programming fee associated with integrating new incoming students into VU's collaborative academic, intellectual and social community comprised of students, faculty and educational professionals. The fee also includes scheduled events to introduce the students to the VU community, to foster the values included in our Community Creed, to assist with peer networking, and to emphasize the importance of service and leadership.
  3. Health Insurance participation is mandatory unless the student has other comparable coverage. The annual cost of the Vanderbilt Student Health Insurance Plan will be included in the fall semester charges unless the student submits evidence of adequate coverage under another policy. After May 15, students have the option of going online to either the Student Accounts web page which will link them to the VU-sponsored insurance company, or going directly to Gallagher Koster Insurance online to waive their insurance charge. The deadline to waive the VU-sponsored insurance is August 1, 2013. All students must complete an online waiver form at the beginning of each academic year.
  4. The cost of a Commodore Cash debit spending account will vary depending on the selection you make during the Commodore Cash selection process. Any Commodore Cash selection will be charged to your student account. Your selection will appear on both the fall and spring semester invoices. For more information regarding Commodore Cash, please visit