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Financial Aid

Students receiving financial aid may need to make adjustments to the August 1 invoice (December 1 for spring semester) if the actual financial aid award has changed since the date of the invoice. If your award was made after the August 1 (December 1) invoice date, please contact the Office of Student Accounts to obtain financial clearance to attend classes.

Title IV funds (Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, PLUS (Parent) Loans, Pell Grants and Supplemental Grants) can be applied only to tuition, fees and contracted room and board, unless you have authorized applying these funds to your discretionary charges. The Office of Financial Aid mails the Cash Management Authorization Form to all students with their financial aid awards. Once an authorization is given, it will remain in effect for all periods of enrollment at Vanderbilt, but it can be revised/rescinded at any time by giving written notice to the Office of Student Accounts. You can also obtain this form in the Office of Student Accounts, 100 Baker Building, 110 21st Avenue South. In addition, a Cash Management Authorization Form must be on file in the Office of Student Accounts before a refund check will be issued.

Click here for the Federal Student Financial Aid Cash Management Authorization.

 NOTE: Please be advised that aid will not be officially credited to your student account until you have completed the verification process and have signed your award letter, any applicable promissory note(s), and required loan paperwork. If your financial aid has not been credited or is not reflected as anticipated financial aid on your invoice, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.