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Documentation Requirements

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What is the "Business Purpose"?
The "business purpose" is the way in which a particular good or service supports the university's mission of education, research, and public service. This explanation is an essential component of expenditure documentation.

What is appropriate supporting documentation?
Original receipts for all expense $25.00 or greater are required.

Within the Concur system, users can modify their profile and enable electronic receipts (e-receipts) that sends line level full expense itemization details that uploads automatically to an expense report.

Expense reports should have original complete back-up documentation attached. Attaching paper receipts can be done by scanning or photographing the original receipts and uploading them into the Concur system. All receipts should be itemized and display the method of payment.

Vanderbilt will reimburse for business expenses purchased with cash, personal credit card, or personal check. Vanderbilt does not reimburse for purchases made with gift cards/certificates or other types of merchant credits/rewards such as frequent flyer miles or credit vouchers. If a receipt is lost, contact the provider of the service. Most vendors will be happy to provide a copy of the receipt. Copies of supporting documentation will not be accepted unless the original documentation cannot be obtained.  When a copy is submitted or no copy is available an additional step is required within the Concur expense reporting process.

Business Meal/Entertainment also require:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Full names of the attendees
  • Nature and duration of the business discussion or activity (if not otherwise apparent)
  • Business purpose for the expense or the business benefit gained or expected to be gained
**If alcohol is included it must be separated into an “Entertainment” field in the expense report.  These expenses cannot be charged to Federal Grant Centers.