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Airfare Pricing Comparison

With respect to domestic U.S. airfares, if a traveler finds an available online airfare lower than the lowest airfare offered by World Travel Service, the travel agency will match that airfare or pay the difference between that airfare and the lowest airfare offered by World Travel Service. The client must provide written and verifiable documentation that a lower online airfare is available for the same routing as the lowest airfare offered by World Travel Service. The airfare must be the same class of service and available at the rate posted. The online airfare and our fare must be quoted on the same day. 

Consolidator and tickets offered through auction websites (such as,,, etc …) or other agency sites are excluded from the price match guarantee. World Travel Service, Inc. reserves the right to cancel, modify or otherwise change this price match guarantee at any time, upon notice. Please click here to download the low domestic fare guarantee.

Travel and Payment Cards team holds airfare pricing tests to ensure travelers are receiving the lowest fares possible.  We compare airfare costs between the Concur online booking tool, online booking sites such as Orbitz, Expedia, Kayak, major airline websites and our dedicated travel agency, World Travel Service Inc. Tests are conducted at the same time for the same itineraries, ensuring a true apples-to-apples comparison.  Please note that for all international flights, travelers and arrangers should please call World Travel directly to ensure the best schedule, rates and itineraries to best suit your travel plans at (877) 271-9258.

If you have a specific domestic or international flight you would like to see included in an upcoming airfare testing session, and also if you would like to join us at an upcoming session, please contact us at

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