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Group Travel  

For Group Travel, please contact group travel agent, Robyn Williams of World Travel via email  for assistance with travel bookings and other arrangements. Robyn is a World Travel agent dedicated to Vanderbilt group travel needs

What is a group booking?

A group consists of ten or more people traveling together from the same location to the same destination.  For group hotel needs, ten or more rooms is required. Group travel arrangements may be eligible for additional discounts.  Please note that there may be a fee from World Travel to arrange group travel and/or special events.

Why do I need to contact a travel agent for group travel?

A travel agent can provide support in planning and booking group travel and may be able to get a discounted rate.

How do I create an expense report for a group of travelers?

If you have booked travel, as a Guest Travel Coordinator, on behalf of a group of individuals who do NOT have Concur profiles (non Vanderbilt employees) then you are also responsible for itemizing and allocating their airfare, car rentals, and hotel expenses immediately following their trip. This is done through your Concur profile. 

If you have booked on behalf of other Vanderbilt employees then the expenses will feed into their Concur profile(s) and they are responsible for itemizing and allocating their own expenses following the trip.