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Purchasing Services is responsible for overseeing the commercial relationships between Vanderbilt University and our suppliers and insuring that all aspects of our relationships are held to the highest ethical and professional standards. Our suppliers contribute significantly to the ongoing success of Vanderbilt University and we in turn actively support our suppliers and help them achieve their objectives. The Supplier Diversity Program, which promotes business with small, disadvantaged and diversity owned businesses, is one example of this support. 

Purchasing Services is also leading the conversion to modern eCommerce purchasing technologies including electronic ordering and invoicing using our cloud based system. Future business growth will be with those suppliers who embrace eCommerce as part of their customer service strategy. 

As a private, non-profit higher education institution, Vanderbilt University is not required to disclose contracts, RFP documents, proposals or other related documents to outside parties. All such materials are considered confidential. 

**Due to an increase in attempted fraudulent purchases and scams, we ask our suppliers and potential suppliers to be vigilant in reviewing orders from purchasers who claim to be from Vanderbilt.  If you have questions regarding the validity of a Vanderbilt purchase order, please contact  Vanderbilt is not responsible for payment under purchase orders that do not originate from Vanderbilt.**

Suppliers with prospective or current business at Vanderbilt should review the supplier procedures document.

Supplier Procedures (Doing Business with Vanderbilt)

For new suppliers we have developed a guide for supplier self-registration in Oracle. If you have any questions about our procedures, please contact Purchasing Services. We look forward to doing business with you.

* Purchase Order Terms and Conditions