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Employee Service Agreements

When Vanderbilt University (VU) and the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) split in 2016, the two parties agreed to a Master Transfer & Separation Agreement (MTSA) to govern future collaboration through ESAs. ESAs are necessary contractual agreements in which both VU and VUMC agree to terms of a specific exchange of work prior to the work beginning. Each entity sends monthly bills to the other detailing each contract and the charges for services.

Agreed through signing ESA documents

The employee understands that pursuant to an Agreement between The Vanderbilt University (“VU”) and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (“VUMC”), employee will perform services to VUMC to assist in its clinical efforts through practice, supervision, administration, or research at VUMC. The Clinical Services will be performed at the request of, and under the control of VUMC to the extent necessary for VUMC to meet its business needs. employee understands VU will provide all of employee’s compensation and benefits, which shall cover the Clinical Services, and employee will not be entitled to any additional compensation or benefits directly from VUMC as a result of the Clinical Services.

The employee agrees to sign a separate Certification (terms below) based on the nature of the services provided under the ESA.

Employee Contractual Requirements

An employee of VU who provides services to VUMC under an Employee Services Agreement (ESA) acknowledges and agrees that:

1)     The employee remain employee of VU throughout the term of the ESA and remains subject to all VU’s general employment-related policies and procedures, including but not limited to those related to nondiscrimination, antiharassment, and antiretaliation.

2)     The employee is properly credentialed and/or licensed for the services to be performed for VUMC.

3)     If the employee holds faculty status, the employee retains the applicable rights, obligations, and privileges set out in the Faculty Manual.

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