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Disposal of a Vehicle

1. Vanderbilt Owned Vehicles

Vanderbilt-owned vehicles are sold through the Enterprise Fleet Management program. Departments need to complete a Property Transmittal Form (PTF) and submit the form to Purchasing Services. Purchasing Services will contact Enterprise Fleet Management and inform them of the surplus vehicle. The department contact listed on the PTF is notified by Enterprise to coordinate the vehicle pick up. Once the vehicle has been sold, Purchasing Services will complete the PTF and forward it to Finance.  Proceeds from the sale are credited to a central university account.

2. Enterprise Leased Vehicles

Prior to the lease maturity date, Enterprise Fleet Management will make arrangements with the department for the vehicle pick up.  If a department desires to cancel a vehicle lease before the end of the lease term. please contact Purchasing Services for assistance.

3. Non-Enterprise Leased Vehicles

Prior to the lease maturity date, Purchasing Services will notify the department of the expiring vehicle lease.

A vehicle that is leased from a dealer other than Enterprise Fleet Management should be returned to the dealer where the vehicle was first acquired. This should be done by the department just prior to the lease maturity date. Once the vehicle has been returned, the department should notify Purchasing Services so the vehicle records can be updated.