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Maintaining a Vehicle

Maintenance Program

  • Routine maintenance will be provided by 5 authorized commercial auto service providers located in close proximity to the campus.
  • Cost of routine maintenance is included in the vehicle lease:
    • Oil  and filter changes
    • Tire rotation, balance, alignment and replacement at normal intervals (1 set)
    • Brake replacement (1 set)
    • Light bulbs, belts, wiper blade replacements
    • Other routine maintenance not covered by vehicle manufacturer’s warranty
    • Maintenance charge adjustment for high usage vehicles requiring more than 1 set of tires or brakes
  • Covered vehicles require a service check every 5,000 miles / 6 months or according to the terms of the specific vehicle lease.
  • Each vehicle is assigned an EFM account card to be used for charging the services.

Service Centers

blue markerFirestone Complete Auto Service


1221 Broadway

Nashville, TN 37203

green markerAmerican Tire & Service


118 8th Ave.

Nashville, TN 

yellow markerMidas


1310 Charlotte Ave.

Nashville, TN 37203

magenta markerJiffy Lube


2428 Elliston Place

Nashville, TN 37203

teal markerMayo Tire & Service


202 McMillian Street

Nashville, TN 37203

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Emissions Testing

NOTE: The emissions testing process has changed effective September 28, 2015. Vanderbilt has contracted with Opus Inspection to provide emissions testing services on campus, using their mobile testing station. The on-campus mobile testing station is available only for Vanderbilt University fleet vehicles. Personal vehicles may not be inspected at the on-campus mobile testing station. Emissions testing is no longer performed at the 625 Chestnut St. facility.

When: The on-campus mobile testing station is open each Monday, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, except for holidays and weather permitting. The mobile testing station will not operate if there is a threat of thunderstorms.

Where :  The testing station is located at the back end of lot 75A , off Children’s Way, just west of Natchez Trace. 

Notification: Sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of your vehicle’s registration, Purchasing Services will email a notice to the department vehicle coordinator informing them the listed vehicle is due for an emissions test by the end of the month indicated in the notice. If the vehicle is an Enterprise fleet vehicle, the department will also receive emissions testing reminders from Enterprise Fleet Management. Included in the notice you receive from Purchasing Services will be instructions regarding the on-campus testing station location and process.

Payment: Prepaid coupons are used to cover the $9.00 testing charge. Purchasing Services will send the required number of coupons via internal mail to your department. The coupon must be filled out with the Year / Make / Model / Mileage and VIN for the vehicle being testing before the coupon is issued to the driver (see image below). The driver must bring this coupon and present it to the Opus technician at the time of testing as the coupon covers the cost of the test. If you misplace the coupon, you must contact Purchasing Services for a replacement coupon which will be an additional $9.00 charge to the department.  These prepaid coupons are the only accepted means of payment at the on-campus testing location. Cash, checks and One Cards  are not acceptable forms of payment. 

Note: Some departments with a large number of vehicles will receive batches of coupons to distribute to their drivers when their vehicles are due for emissions testing. 

Passed Test: If the vehicle passes inspection, no further action is required. All paperwork is handled by Opus, Purchasing Services and Enterprise Fleet Management. When your new registration stickers or plates are ready, you will be notified to pick up them up at Purchasing Services, Baker Building suite 900. 

Failed Test: If your vehicle fails the emissions test, Opus will give the driver a fail notice form. Keep this fail notice form as it entitles the vehicle to one free re-test. Make whatever repairs are necessary and then bring the vehicle and the fail notice form back to the testing location at the next scheduled date to have the vehicle retested. 

If you cannot make it to the on-campus mobile testing station  

If you are unable to have the vehicle tested at the on-campus mobile testing station during the dates and times it is in operation, the department is responsible for taking the vehicle to any of the Davidson County testing locations listed below. The coupon (or fail notice) will be accepted as payment at any of these locations for testing (or re-testing). The testing or retesting can be done on-campus or off-campus and it is not necessary that both the test and re-test be done at the same location. 

After completing the emission check at the off-campus location, the driver must bring the test report to Purchasing Services . Otherwise, we will not be able to obtain the new registration for the vehicle. This step is not required when using the on-campus testing facility, but must be completed if you use an off-campus facility.

Station 1: 501 Craighead Street (just east of Franklin Pike, on west side of I-65 overpass.
Station 2: 3494 Dickerson Road (approx ½ mile north of I-65)
Station 3: 715 Gallatin Road, North, Madison (0.4 mile North of Old Hickory Blvd.)
Station 4: 3363 Stoners Bend Drive (Lebanon Rd. to Central Pike, Turn at Rippy's Auto Body)
Station 5: 1317 Antioch Pike (east of Harding Place, ½ block past Sam's Club on right)
Station 6: 7008 Westbelt Drive (go west from Centennial/Cockrill Bend stoplight, Westbelt is first right)

License Renewals

  • Enterprise will process tags for Enterprise leased vehicles and renewal tags for Vanderbilt owned vehicles.
  • Processing fee $20.00 per vehicle per year.
  • Fee can be rolled into lease payments.
  • VU owned vehicle licenses are processed by   Purchasing Services