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Important Travel Links 

International Travel Health Exam (free Vanderbilt Occupational Health service for employees)

Register Your Travel (ANVIL)

Vanderbilt Export Compliance

Conflict of Interest

Article II.E.2 of the Vanderbilt Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy requires ALL PHS FUNDED employees to disclose reimbursed and sponsored travel not paid through the University.  If your travel falls within this category, please disclose this travel in the conflict disclosure system at the following link.

Trusted Traveler Programs

The Transportation Security Administration's PreCheck program gets travelers through airport security in an efficient manner, helping to eliminate the hassles of traveling. Whether travelers are frequent flyers or only travel occasionally, obtaining TSA PreCheck status provides them with a wide range of travel benefits.

The TSA has 330 application centers around the country for PreCheck. Membership is $85 for five years. Global Entry, which costs $100 for five years, expedites customs screening for travelers arriving from an international flight. Membership qualifies travelers for TSA PreCheck.