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Student Accounts


All students are automatically enrolled for e-bills. You may access the e-bill from your YES (Your Enrollment System) landing page. Click on the YES Billing Portal link.

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Vanderbilt University is pleased to inform you that access to your Form 1098-T is now available online via your YES landing page. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT PAPER FORMS WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY MAILED TO YOUR HOME ADDRESS, so take a moment to print and submit the stated document to your parent(s), head of household, and/or tax consultant/advisor.

The Office of Student Accounts is the centralized billing and collection point for student accounts.

The primary function of the Student Accounts office is to issue bills, receive payments and provide information to help understand the aspects of a Vanderbilt account. Student Accounts posts miscellaneous charges and credits by the department from which they originate.

Beginning in the Fall of 2016, all Vanderbilt University students will be required to acknowledge the terms and conditions of an online Student Account Agreement form when logging into the YES portal. Please note that the acceptance of these terms and conditions is mandatory, and will be required on an annual basis. Failure to agree to these terms will prevent access to the YES landing page. Once the terms have been accepted, a copy of the most recently accepted form will be available for viewing and printing within the YES portal. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Also, due to the change in format for the Student Account Agreement form from paper document to electronic, a separate stand-alone document has been created in order to add a guarantor(s) to an individual student account. Click here to download a copy of the new Guarantor Authorization and Agreement form. Please note that this paper document will be required in order to disclose any financial information to anyone other than the student and existing guarantors.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!


  • Spring 2017 e-bills will be available on December 1st and due by January 3rd.
  • Invoices are created at the beginning of each month.
  • If existing payers are not set up in the system, these individuals may not receive notification of balances due or have access to make payments moving forward. Other payers will have the ability to enroll in the Vandy Plan, an interest-free monthly installment option available for enrollment beginning May 1st, 2016 for the fall 2016 semester. To add an “Other Payer”, please follow these simple instructions.

1. Log into your YES Landing Page, and click “Billing Portal”.
2. On Your Account page, click "Add New" in the Other Payers section.
3. Enter the information that is requested, and click "OK". (You must enter the username that your additional payer will use).

Once completed, the username and temporary password will be sent to your additional payer via e-mail.  Simply repeat this process to add more than one additional payer to your account.

  • As a reminder, the Higher One online payment system is down for maintenance at 6 p.m. CDT the last day of each month and will then reopen at 6 a.m.the next business day.
  • 1098-T forms may be found on the Student Accounts link from the student's YES landing page. Form 1098-T reports amounts billed for qualified tuition and scholarships and grants processed in the tax year for students enrolled in courses at Vanderbilt University for which they receive academic credit. Vanderbilt does not issue a 1098-T form if scholarships or grants equal or exceed 1098-T qualified tuition charges or if the student is enrolled in not-for-credit courses. For frequently asked 1098T questions click here.
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